Monday, November 5, 2012

Geodesic Dome made from Recycled Newspaper

   How to turn your old newspapers into a fun play structure for kids!

You will need:
- 100 full-size sheets of newspaper
- Pencil
- Scotch tape

   The dome requires 25 newspaper logs. Each log consists of 4 sheets of newspaper stacked on top of each other and rolled together. Just set the pencil in one corner and roll up the sheets diagonally. The pencil is just used as a guide, so try not to roll it up too tight, you want it to be able to slide out after you've rolled the papers. Then make sure to tape it so it doesn't came apart. Repeat these instructions until you have 25 logs.

   After you have all 25 logs, set 5 of them to the side for later. With the remaining 20 logs you will make a triangular pattern as shown in the picture below. Taping all the ends together so it doesn't come apart (make sure to have plenty of room, its about 14 ft long).

   Take the entire pattern you just made out of newspaper logs and stand it up very carefully so you can attach the ends to each other, creating the base for your structure. When you have the ends attached and it's standing up on its own, get out the 5 logs you set aside. There are 5 points on the top of the base, place each extra log at these points and tape them in place. After you have them taped to the base, take the ends that are loose and tape them together so that they come to a point at the top of the structure.

Now all that's left to do is enjoy! We placed a king size sheet over ours to create a pretty unique fort (queen size sheets are too small). The boys are having lots of fun with this dome and are asking to slap some paint on it next, which I think is a great ideal. Enjoy!

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