Tuesday, November 6, 2012

*~Painting Foil with Crayons~*

   This can be an exciting project to do with children, but it can also be very dangerous if they are not informed how to stay away from the hot spots (besides the obvious areas, the sides and under the warmer can burn as well) and monitored carefully! So please keep a very close eye on your children at all times during this activity. Also enjoy and have fun!

   All you need for this project is some aluminum foil, crayons, and a warming tray (we used a presto griddle on the lowest setting). Simply cover your warming tray with foil before turning it on. After you turn the tray on, get out the crayons and draw!

   Another way to have fun with this project is to get a piece of printer paper, set it on top of the painted foil, lightly press down on the paper with an oven mitt, then carefully lift the paper from the foil. You end up with the print from the foil smudged onto the paper! After the paper dries it has a very rough texture the kids really enjoyed.

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