Thursday, November 1, 2012

Creating Masterpieces from Crayon Shavings

   Don't know what to do with all those broken crayons you have lying around? Well there is a number of creative things to do with them, and we will show you one that you and your kids (or grand-kids) are sure to love.
*Broken crayons
*Knife or Cheese grader
*Plates or Bowls
*Paper (any color)
*Aluminum foil

  All you do is take your knife or cheese grader and start shaving away the broken crayons into a plate or bowl (I used one plate for each color). After that take your paper and fold it in half. Open the paper and let your child place the crayon shavings on one side of the paper. When your child is satisfied with the amount of shavings on his paper, refold the paper and place some foil over top of it (you might want to put some foil under the paper as well because the crayons will bleed through the paper). Take your iron (set on high) and rub it over the tin foil a couple of times. Then you simply remove the tin foil and gently open the paper while it is still warm. The melted crayon shavings will make a very cool and symmetrical design on the paper. Dries in a mater of seconds so you can hang it up right away!

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