Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art with Bubbles and Paint!

   Mixing two of kids favorite things, Bubbles and Paint! This art project is very fun, but also very messy, so I would recommend doing it outside if possible. For each bubble paint mixture you will need 1 TBS liquid dish detergent, 2 TBS washable liquid paint, 3 TBS of warm water, a small shallow bowl (like a cereal bowl), drinking straw, and some white paper.

    First mix the detergent, paint, and water into the bowl until it is well blended. Place one end of the straw into the soap-paint mixture and gently blow until bubbles start to overflow the bowl. After that lower the paper onto the bubbles very gently and remove when you get close to the top of the bowl. At first the print will look light, but after a few minutes the colors will get brighter. You can prepare as many soap-paint solutions as you want to make multicolored prints (my boys just wanted one color each). We also tried taking spoonfuls of the bubbles & splattering them onto the paper and blowing them off to create different designs. We made 6 different prints in all and every one was completely different than the other. It had the boys very fascinated as they tried to control the outcome of their designs.

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